LGBTQ Therapy

LGBTQ Therapy

Now more than ever, the LGBTQ community is faced with many challenges in our ever changing political climate.  It takes a culturally competent clinician to navigate these treacherous waters in a way that makes you feel accepted and valued.  We provide gender- and sexually-affirmative care, including support for those undergoing gender transition and/or those in non-traditional relationship formations.  We vow to display sensitivity for your unique needs and act as an advocate for you.

Some challenges the LGBTQ community is currently facing:

  • Sexual orientation vs. gender identity
  • Fear of stigma & discrimination
  • Self-identity 
  • Acceptance or rejection from family and friends 
  • Culturally appropriate healthcare and sexual health education
  • Political control
  • Proneness toward depression, suicide, social anxiety, and substance abuse

How can LGBTQ therapy help?

Clients who have participated in LGBTQ therapy have reported greater acceptance of oneself, stronger connections within their community, a decreased sense of marginalization/oppression, and overall psychological healing.


Therapist focusing on LGBTQ therapy: Laura Kacere


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