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Have you been experiencing feelings of isolation?  Maybe you’re feeling disconnected from others and yourself, thinking “how do I build healthy relationships with others who validate me?” 

Have you been overly focused on small things around you, controlling aspects of work, eating, etc. as a way to avoid what’s happening in your life, to feel in control? Or maybe you’re using drugs or alcohol to avoid your emotions and intentionally feel “out of control?”


Perhaps you’re thinking “I’m not sure who I am or how to be comfortable in who I am.”

I became a therapist because I believe that everyone deserves to feel validated in their sense of themselves and to express their gender and sexuality in a way that feels true and authentic to them. 

I am interested in exploring identities and building collective strength through inner healing and outer commitment to social justice. I am passionate about the need for reconnecting with our bodies through movement and breath, and listening to the power the body holds in healing trauma and pain. 

As a therapist, I support my clients through this process and help them find new ways of relating to themselves and others.  

My clients often come to therapy asking questions like:

  • Who am I? Who do I want to be? 
  • What is important to me? 
  • Why does my body hurt when I feel sad, stressed, or angry?
  • Why can’t I stop using self-destructive behaviors to avoid painful experiences?
  • How do I feel more connected to others around me while also maintaining my boundaries and a sense of safety?

I help by:

  • Collaborating with you in exploring what is important and meaningful to you
  • Encouraging and motivating you to make the changes you want to see in your life
  • Helping you explore different aspects of your identity 
  • Increasing your sense of support by encouraging you to connect with your community 
  • Helping you strengthen current relationships
  • Use mindfulness techniques to help you be present and build awareness of your body and emotions
  • Empowering you to see your own inner strengths, and building self-confidence and healthy boundaries with others
  • Holding space for you to reconnect with parts of you that you have disconnected from, or hidden away, and helping you build compassion for all aspects of yourself

If you’ve been suffering in some way, and you’re ready to invest in your mental and emotional wellbeing, I would be honored to accompany you on that journey.  Please call the main number to schedule an appointment with me today:  773.498.3799

More About Laura:

Laura grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and completed her undergraduate degree in Gender Studies at the University of Iowa. Before she became a mental health counselor, she was a community organizer, with a focus on reproductive rights. When she’s not working, you can usually find her playing her violin, hanging with her dog, biking around the city, or eating deep-dish pizza.

Laura's clinical focus is the LGBTQ community, trauma, anxiety, and depression.  She is both a psychotherapist and certified yoga instructor.  Laura's approach is holistic, integrating traditional talk therapy with movement and breath practices. She believes building a stronger relationship between body and mind is integral to the process of healing from past traumas, as well as for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Laura's experience and training include working with LGBTQ clients and the larger community, providing gender- and sexuality-affirmative care around a range of issues, including healing from trauma. She provides support to clients at any stage of gender transition, as well as those in polyamorous and other non-traditional relationship formations. 

As a feminist practitioner, Laura utilizes a multicultural and social justice approach that draws on the ways in which systemic marginalization and oppression affect individual and community mental health. With a background in social justice activism, she believes building stronger connections within our community and working to change unjust systems can play an important role in psychological healing. 

Laura has worked with clients of all ages, and has experience in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and facilitating crisis stabilization.  She also has experience conducting individual and group psychotherapy for women and the LGBTQ population at Center on Halsted.  She has taught yoga in a variety of settings, including studios, jails, community spaces, and corporate offices.  

During therapy sessions, Laura provides a supportive, non-judgmental space to work collaboratively in building healthy coping strategies and skills to manage the struggles in one's life, while also creating space for authenticity, creativity, and joy. She uses an integrative framework which includes Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Feminist Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, and Body-Oriented/Somatic Therapy.


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