Relationship Therapy

relationship therapy

Relationships are cornerstones of the human experience.  We are social creatures who crave connectedness to others, and relationships provide value and meaning to our lives.  Regardless of whether it's a relationship with a romantic partner, friend, family member, coworker, etc, some relationships enrich our lives and others are toxic and painful. 

Another common concern within this topic is the lack of relationships people experience.  Maybe you're having difficulty maintaining friendships or it seems like everyone else is coupled up, and you're the only single one left.  Maybe you keep others at arms length because you've been hurt in the past and are fearful of getting close to anyone.  Whatever your concern, relationship therapy can help, as it focuses on enhancing communication skills and maintaining healthy boundaries. 

Some indicators your relationships may need some work:

  • Lack of boundaries

  • Disrespect

  • Poor communication

  • Any form of abuse

  • Manipulation or threats

  • Isolation from friends & family

  • Controlling behavior

  • Being overly needy or clingy

  • Values or morals that don't align

  • Attempting to change another

  • Being unable to communicate your needs

  • Jealousy

How can relationship therapy help?

Clients who have engaged in relationship therapy report improved communication with others, an increase in connectedness, a decrease in conflict, greater awareness of their own needs within the context of a relationship, and the ability to get those needs met.  


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